Of course I´m not the only one who is traveling the world on a bicycle. Here I want to introduce you to some other cyclists, which I met on my way, or which I recommend to follow on their websites:


The blog of Heike Pirngruber, female solo cyclist from Germany on a big trip.

The Wandering Nomad

Beautiful pictures and awesome storytelling from Shirine Taylor


Tasting Travels

Annika and Robert, a German/Mexican couple, started cycling in Germany in 2011 to discover the world. They founded the Project “Tasting Travels”, to promote bike travel as a model to cultivate empathy worldwide. You will find exciting articles and good pictures on their website.


Tour de friends

Peter Smolka on his second around the world trip

Top 50 bicycle touring blogs

Life is better on a bicycle

Alastair Humphreys

Alastair started with a bike trip around the world and now he is a “fulltime” adventurer. He is very good in motivating people and one of his aims is to encourage people to go on a adventure, even if it is only a small microadventure. You should definitive check out his website, it is so inspiring.