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South Laos: Always on the hop

de gb-gray
I cycled the 700 kilometer from Vientiane to Paxse in the south in one week. I was always on the hop, but most of the time on my bicycle.

The week in pictures:

This Grasshopper is on the hop, too.

Schoolgirls on their way to school. Most of the children have a bicycle, not in every village is a school and the distance can be some kilometers.
The kids have always time for a photo, same for me.
The landscape is flat and full of rice fields. The mekong gives enough water for farming.
It is harvesting time. The rice is cut and bundled by hand, but for the treshing they use often machines.
At nighttime I find shelter in temples like this one in a small village. Only one old monk lives here, he looked a little bit lonely to me.
In some temples the old and poor people join the monks for breakfast. Though I´m not old or poor or a monk I get welcomed warmly and invited to join the breakfast. In the right photo you can see the drum which in every temple wakes up the monks (and me) very early.
A small monk too can dream about a big journey.
I try to avoid the mainroad and prefer dusty dirttracks and rickety bridges.
An old bridge out of metall and wood.
Two children proudly present their fighting cocks. The children let them fight for fun, the adults for money.
A bus breakdown on the mainroad. Because there is no such thing like a breakdown vehicle, the mechanics change the engine on the road.
Sunset over the mekong and paxse.