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Malaysia: Tanjung Piai – The end of asia

de gb-gray

01. May 2014

A wooden path leads through a mangrove forest, at the end is a platform above the sea. A globe made of metal, the Malaysian flag and a sign saying “Congratulation! You are now standing at the southernmost tip of Mainland Asia!”


Almost 10 days ago I set out in Kuala Lumpur and as expected I feel better since I’m on the road again. New experiences, new challenges, new encounters every day don´t let much time to be sad or feel lonely.

Here at the southern tip of Malaysia, the end of the Asian mainland, I get aware what a long way I have come. I’ve never been so far from Germany, never gone so long. Almost 2 years I’m on the road, I have traveled 27,000 km on the bike.


Still the negative feelings from Kuala Lumpur in my heart, I think about how it would be to just stop here. I could cycle to Singapure in a day, book a flight and travel the entire route back, which I cycled in 2 years, in a few hours. It would be so easy, maybe too easy for me. I would be at home or where my home was once, could get pampered by my mother, help my father in the garden. Reunion with my siblings, visit friends. In this moment I feel a little bit homesick.


But there is no real decision I have to take. Once I look to the sea, see the first indonesian islands, imagine how it is there, how the people live there, what new adventures await me, I know, I feel, this trip is not over yet. It is not the time to go back..

After the visit to the southern tip of Malaysia, I am ready to leave. Today. I cycle 20 kilometers to Pontian, buy a ferry ticket, let my passport stamp and load me and my bike on a ferry to Indonesia.