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Re-cycle: Findings from the Road – Indonesia


I was in Indonesia for five months and cycled quite a few kilometres, but I haven´t found much. It may be because most of the time I had to concentrate on the traffic and couldn´t look for things on the ground.

find indo-1

On the last day in Indonesia I  fished all the money that I found out of my handlebar bag and stopped at a school. I was quickly surrounded by children and I instructed one of the older ones to take the money to the next store and get cold drinks for everyone. The children began to cheer and everyone wanted to shake my hand. It was just a small gesture but the joy that I could bring with it was so big. The bright eyes and the laughter of kids accompanied me on the last kilometers to the border.
Here the listing:

– Cable ties, always useful

– Minni Mouse pendant

– plastic dinosaur

– small tube

– bungee cord

– feathers

– slingshot

– money

findings indo