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Re-Cycle: Findings from the road – Australia




Never before have I found so many things like on the Stuart Highway in Australia . The first thing was a pack of cigarettes , though I didn´t want to smoke anymore. In addition, a large number of tools , discarded or forgotten by all the tradespeople who pass by there. Although I had already a lot of luggage I just couldn´t leave anything behind what is useful or could be useful at one time. Very pleased I was about a bunch of cable ties but more important were probably the musli bars and food cans in the middle of the desert.

What do I do with all the stuff? I give it to people who can use them or drag them around with me until I need it or I decide at one point to sort them out to reduce my luggage.

Not photographed: a box of chocolate biscuits , beer cans , two packets of tobacco and an Iphone with a broken display but still working.