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Movie: Free as a kangaroo – Across Australia on a pushbike


When I used the video function of my camera for the first time four years ago, I never thought to make a whole movie someday. On my previous trip I had just filmed anything and made a short video for every country out of it. But somehow I wanted to do something different, something longer and the idea of an entire film was born.


During the trip in Australia I tried to use the camera every day. Shy initially, i didn´t have much to say; but later into the trip I used the camera as a conversation partner, for a lack of other people to talk to.

This film is a documentary, I don´t play any role, don´t pretend something and I´m just myself. It is therefore a very personal film.

It took me longer than I thought to select out of 15 hours of video footage and thousands pictures, to cut, select and edit everything. Another difficulty was to find a good internet connection to upload the 4 GB file. Now everything is done and I can proudly present the finished film. It is best to watch in HD Quality on Vimeo.

Free as a kangaroo

3000 Kilometer to go! Across Australia on a pushbike! Long distances, heat and headwinds make this adventure challenging for world cyclist Florian Schmale. For eight weeks he rides his fully loaded bicycle on this self supported journey all the way from Darwin to Adelaide. With his camera Florian captures not only the challenges of the road but the freedom of traveling and the stunning scenery in the Australian red center.

Frei wie ein Känguru/Free as a kangaroo – Mit dem Rad quer durch Australien – english subtitles from Florian Schmale on Vimeo.