Germany 6. May – 5. June 2012

I left home on May the 6th, and it was one of the hardest days on my journey until now. It was a Sunday, a rainy Sunday, and after half an hour of cycling I was completely wet and exhausted from cycling up the mountains in the Sauerland. In the evening I tried to find a Youth Hostel. The first one was closed, the owner of the second one threw me out, because I didn´t have a valid youth-hostel-card. It was still raining and after 98 Km whilst climbing 1000m I found a camping place at the Biggesee. I was so tired, no dinner, just wanted to sleep.

So, the next days could only get better, and they were. I took a route along the Rhine, visited some friends in Mainz, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, and cycled the Donau with my Dad.

I had an easy start in Germany, of course everone speaks German, good cycle paths, many friends, good beer. I left Germany after cycling 1500 Km on June 5th into Austria.

Here are the pictures and Videos.