05. October 2012 – 11. November 2012 1441 Km

Entering Iran from Kurdistan means to cycle through some high Mountains, and frozen and exhausted I arrived in Sanandaj, the biggest city of the Kurdish people in Iran. I got welcomed by the same hospitality as in Irak, and some friendly guys took care of me, showed me around, gave me more food than I could eat and didn´t let me leave for some days…
From there I cycled to Esfahan, a beautiful city full of ancient Islamic culture and of course warmhearted people. I made my way to the east, passed old cities and met nice people, and the landscape became more and more like desert. Escorted by the police for the last few hundred kilometers, many new phone numbers in my cell phone and good memories of new friends in my mind, I crossed the border to Pakistan.

Article(only in german language for now):
Iran – Ist das nicht gefährlich?

Von Iran nach Pakistan



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