23. February – 01. May 2014, 1800 km


402 Kilometer to Kuala Lumpur

malayarchiv-1 Malaysia has a tourist-friendly visa policy. With a German passport you don´t need a visa but just get a stamp at the border. I´m allowed to stay for 90 days in the country. Free of charge. This is very pleasant for me, because… continue reading

Kuala Lumpur

malayarchiv-14Did I ever mention that I don`t like big cities? Nevertheless, I end up in them because some things you can do only in big cities. In Kuala Lumpur, called KL, I want to… continue reading

Tanjung Piai – The end of asia

malayarchiv-34A wooden path leads through a mangrove forest, at the end is a platform above the sea. A globe made of metal, the Malaysian flag and a sign saying “Congratulation! You are now standing…continue reading

Re-Cycling: Findings from the road

fund-1Here I present my findings from the roads in Malaysia. I guess my desire to collect comes from my father. He too keeps everything what could be useful some day… continue reading