degb-gray 31. December 2013 – 10. February 2014, 2400 km   Articles:

Myanmar: A car race and TV evening


When I started my journey I didn´t think it would be possible to travel through Myanmar by bike. Although in the past years, reforms for democratic change were on their way, land borders were still closed to foreigners in 2012... continue reading


Myanmar: Bat shit and hot noodles


We met two Belgian cyclists yesterday, Johann and Ils, traveling on folding bikes with minimal luggage . It gives them the flexibility to load their bikes (and luggage) in busses, trains even small cars easily…continue reading

Myanmar: Pilgrimage to the golden Rock


The Golden Rock is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in Myanmar. It is a round boulder which sits on a cliff and looks as if it would roll down the mountain at any moment… continue reading

Myanmar: On the way to Yangoon


At lunchtime Anselm and I stop at one of the many golden pagodas. These temples are built throughout the country. Some function as a repository of a tooth or strand of hair of Buddha and are considered sacred… continue reading


Myanmar: 10 days through the back country


Anselm and I leave Yangon and opt for a route west of the Irrawaddy river. First the road is very busy but… continue reading


Myanmar: Trouble with the police

trouble1We have become more cautious, waiting until dawn to find a place for the tents, and making sure no one sees where we are setting up camp. So today we wait until… continue reading


Myanmar: Bagan and Inle Lake

These two places are the tourist magnets of Myanmar and interesting for most of the touring cyclists, too. Bagan is an area with thousands of ancient templescontinue reading


Myanmar: The South – In unknown territory

From Inle Lake, Anselm and I take a bus to the south. I don´t like to load my bike onto a bus. Not only is the ride stressful, it is important to me that I cover as many kilometers… continue reading   Fotos: