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Traveling costs money

I’m often asked how I finance this trip – whether I have rich parents or have hit the jackpot? The answer is simple: I worked for a few years and saved money. I´m aware that I am lucky to be born in Europe. Because there, it is relatively easy to find a job where you can earn enough to save some money.

After more than five years on the road my initial savings are finished, but there are always possibilities to earn some money or to travel with less money or pay in different ways.

In the last two years I worked mainly in Australia and New Zealand, where wages are high and hard work pays off. I worked on farms, in gardens and as a treeplanter in the forestry sector, or even earned some money while sleeping. Always putting a lot of effort into it, always my dream of continuing traveling in my mind.

Earning money is the one side, the other side is spending it responsibly. I learned (and still learning) ways to live and travel without spending much and to limit my consumption to only the necessary and meaningful.

I don´t want to just ask people for money, but I still want to offer the possibility of supporting me.

Every year I create a photo calendar to give to people who support me and I´m also thinking of some photo prints or a small booklet about my journey.

If you like what I’m doing, what I write, if I inspire you to live your dream, to travel, to go on your own adventure or you just enjoy reading about my adventures – then you can support me and I send you a calendar.  SOLD OUT!

Other ways of support:

I am always happy for greetings, feedback, tips and advice to countries which I will be traveling to soon ( Brazil, Colombia, Central America). Or maybe you know someone there or live there yourself, and want to invite me for a night. Just send me a message.


Thank You!

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