Ecuador: Back on the bike

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March 2019 Back from vacation. Back with my bike. Back into my travel life. It hasn´t always been easy in Germany. In the old home. Back here I feel more free, relaxed. Nobody has expectations of me. Nobody knows me here. Except Juan and Fanghorn, two friends, whom I meet in Quito on the second […]

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Germany: Culture shock in my own country

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I´m nervous as the engines of the Boeing A346 howl louder and louder and as the plane accelerates on the runway. Soon the machine is fast enough and the wheels lose contact with the earth. My stomach tingles as I look out the window and the familiar ground becomes smaller and smaller until clouds eventually […]


Video: Bolivia – The Easy Way

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Bolivia – The easy way from Florian Schmale on Vimeo. In 2018 I crossed Bolivia on a bicycle. I choose an easy route – but really easy it was not. I got stuck in mud, stuck in the world biggest salt desert, Salar de Uyuni and got annoyed by a lot of flat tires. An […]


Chile: Living differently

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May/June 2018 Santiago With mixed feelings I cycle into Santiago. Big cities can be fascinating, but at the same time daunting. The traffic, the air pollution, the noise – after the last few months in the Patagonian wilderness it is a contrast that I have to get used to again. The streets are clogged with […]