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Indonesia: Merbabu – Mountain of Ash



Merbabu – Mountain of Ash

July 2014

The vulcano Merbabu (meru=mountain, abu=ash) is the twin vulcano of Merapi, and just 10 km away. Unlike Merapi, Merbabu is not an active vulcano and not dangerous. Starting point for this adventure is again the village of Selo. But this tiem we want to hike down on the other side of the mountain, so we don´t go by motorbike. Instead we reach Selo by a mix of bus, hitchiking and walking.


Transportation is slow in Indonesia and it is already dark when Shireen and I reach selo. In the dark we walk to the basecamp and pitch our tent.

Indonesia: Merapi – Mountain of Fire


Juni 2014

The vulcano Merapi (meru = mountain, api = fire) is one of the most dangerous and active vulcanos in the world. It is situated 35 km north of Yogyakarta and easy reachable for a small adventure. A friend of mine from the froghouse and I grab a tent, warm cloth, some food and water and make our way to Selo, a village situated at the foot of the mountain.


Merapi is covered in thick clouds when Shireen and I arrive by motorbike at the basecamp in the afternoon.

Indonesia: Bike trip to Borobodur

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Java, Juni 2014


Together with Adrian, my warmshower host, I go on a cycle trip to the famous Borobodur temple. It is about 50 km away from Yogyakarta. We find a place to sleep in an artist community.

Indonesia: Ramadan at Froghouse



June 2014

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and the fasting month of Muslims. In the Koran is written that it is forbidden to consume food, drinks and cigarettes between sunrise and sunset. Sex and drunkenness are also prohibited. At the end of Ramadan the fast breaking feast, Eid al-fitr, is celebrated for 3 days. Together with Eid al-Adha it is the most important holiday of the Muslims.


photo by viga


Indonesia: Friendship




Java, May/June 2014

For me it is difficult sometimes to establish new friendships. Too short are the encounters with people. Often only a few minutes or hours, at best an entire evening or a day or two. As a traveler you are more open to people and things, and conversations can get on a personal level easily. You talk openly about everything, everyone knows that the time together is limited. But even though I’ve learned to get very close with someone in a short time – can real friendship develop in such a short time?



Indonesia: The police man who is too nice


Sumatra, May 2014

Actually, I don`t like policemen or soldiers or other persons of authority and, if possible, I try to stay away from them. I remember the encounter with the secret police in Iran or a situation in India, when a police officer tried to intimidate me and demanded money. And of course the events in Myanmar.  My aversion is not directly against these people (there are also nice policemen) but against the function they fulfill in society or the state and what that does to them.


Indonesia: Up and Down in Sumatra


(Thanks to Andy for helping with the translation)

May 2014

To be on the road with a bicycle is not always nice and it is not always easy. Actually, every day is exhausting. I always notice my muscles and I´m tired in the evening. Unless it’s only downhill with a tailwind and on a good road with no traffic, conditions which are extremely rare.

I like to show photos of secluded camp spots, spectacular landscapes, and I like to tell about great people I meet and the many good experiences.

But if you are like me and try to go every kilometer by bicycle, then taking routes that are not exactly enjoyable can`t be avoided. The Trans-Sumatra Highway is one of them.


Indonesia: From island to island


May 2014

Indonesia consists of almost 18.000 islands. Most of them are of course small and uninhabited but it´s still quite a big number. In a lifetime it is impossible to visit all of these islands. My plan is, however, to get to Sumatra first, one of the larger islands.


Re-Cycle: Findings from the Road – Malaysia


Here I present my findings from the roads in Malaysia. I guess my desire to collect comes from my father. He too keeps everything what could be useful some day and can´t let go easily of things. Fortunatly I don´t have a loft or cellar to store things, but only my bags. So the space to keep things is limited.