Timelapse: KL fast forward




One year ago I was in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. The city has kept me for whole five weeks, but not necessarily because I liked it that much. It is a modern city - fast and loud and dirty. And also quite energetic and futuristic.

I have used my time for some timelapse photography and finally after a year also found the time and dedication to put them all together. I don´t know what was the bigger effort, to shoot the photos or to edit them. Here you can see the result:

KL fast forward from Florian Schmale on Vimeo.Thanks to Karen, who has given me in KL a home and was a great help with location scouting.

Music by www.hartwigmedia.com and JD Vera from Adelaide (train ride sequence) Soundcloud JD Vera

Video: Volcanic dream

I few month ago I showed here already some photos from the volcanos in Indonesia. Merapi and Merbabu I climbed on foot, the vulcano Bromo I conquered by bicycle.


This time I have a short video for you:



Re-cycle: Findings from the Road – Indonesia


I was in Indonesia for five months and cycled quite a few kilometres, but I haven´t found much. It may be because most of the time I had to concentrate on the traffic and couldn´t look for things on the ground.

find indo-1

Australia – the next island


October 2014

Just under two hours is the flight over the sea of Timor, then, far below, the outlines of Australia appear. The plane is about to land, houses and streets are becoming visible, everything looks like it is a miniature toy world.


Timor – the divided island

de gb-gray
September/October 2014

It’s time for me to say goodbye to Indonesia. And soon to Asia.
Kupang is the major city and an important trade center in this part of Indonesia. I spend a while there, organize my visa for Timor-Leste and a few other things.


Indonesia: The Pelni experience


September 2014

Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia is the name of the big national shipping company which operates about 30 vessels to connect the many island through various routes. The ships are often at sea for weeks, departure times varies and nobody seems to have an overview of all the routes. At least I could find out that there is a ship from Ende in Flores to Kupang in Timor every two weeks. Tickets are sold just a few days before departure and I buy one for the Economy Class.



Indonesia: Flores – Under time pressure



September 2014
I am stressed. In front of me are the mountains of Flores, they pile up at the coast, tall and green. Behind me lies a six-hour ride on a crowded and rocking ferry. I could get hold of only a small spot at the deck, overlooking the endless blue sea. But all this is not the reason for my stress.


Indonesia: Wedding Coffee at Sumbawa




August 2014

The strong smell of fresh coffee is accompanied by the smell of deep fried snacks. It takes me just a few seconds to identify the house from which the smell is coming and I push my bike the last few metres along the dusty road. Children are playing tag but now they stop to look at the strange visitor. A group of women is busy roasting coffee but my attention is now taken by a bowl full of rice.


Here the coffeebeans get grinded

Indonesia: Bali and Lombok


August 2014

Bali is considered by many people as a paradise – but these people usually haven´t been in other parts of Indonesia. For me, this touristy island is rather less exciting and I opt for a route along the north coast of the island to escape the party- and mass tourism in the south.


Video: Laos and Bangladesh

It is more than a year ago that I have been to Laos, Bangladesh even longer. Finally I found the time to edit these videos.

That one from Laos is in german but with english subtitles. That one from Bangladesh is basicly just some GoPro footage and some photos from a market with some bengali music. Enjoy!

Discovering the world on a bicycle – Laos from Florian Schmale on Vimeo.

Discovering the world on a bicycle – Bangladesh from Florian Schmale on Vimeo.