Australia: Adelaide – a long break


Adelaide – a long break

December 2014 – May 2015

Australia is crossed and I have only one goal in mind: The city of Adelaide. I have had enough of cycling and need a break. The last few weeks I have spent up to seven hours almost every day on the bike – often under difficult conditions such as heat, headwind and wasteland. My body is worn out, I feel my muscles every day, have become thin, have lost every gram of fat.


The Australian Adventure – Part 4


The Australian Adventure

Across Australia on a bicycle

October – December 2014


The Australian Adventure – Part 3



The Australian Adventure

Across Australia on a bicycle

October – December 2014


Part 3

Exposed to the elements

I’m on the road towards Uluru. The red rock is also known as Ayers Rock. Two days ago I left the Stuart Highway to the west and have fought my way forward, against a strong headwind and in temperatures above 40 ° C.

The Australian Adventure – Part 2


The Australian Adventure

Across Australia on a bicycle

October – December 2014australia_part2_small17

Part 2

During the last months I’ve often imagined what it would be like in Australia. I have dreamed of the outback, of open space and of Freedom. Especially as I struggled for every centimeter of space for me and my bike on the busy and noisy streets of Java, Indonesia.


The Australian Adventure – Part 1


The Australian Adventure

 across australia on a bicycle


Timelapse: KL fast forward




One year ago I was in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. The city has kept me for whole five weeks, but not necessarily because I liked it that much. It is a modern city – fast and loud and dirty. And also quite energetic and futuristic.

I have used my time for some timelapse photography and finally after a year also found the time and dedication to put them all together. I don´t know what was the bigger effort, to shoot the photos or to edit them. Here you can see the result:

KL fast forward from Florian Schmale on Vimeo.Thanks to Karen, who has given me in KL a home and was a great help with location scouting.

Music by and JD Vera from Adelaide (train ride sequence) Soundcloud JD Vera

Video: Volcanic dream

I few month ago I showed here already some photos from the volcanos in Indonesia. Merapi and Merbabu I climbed on foot, the vulcano Bromo I conquered by bicycle.


This time I have a short video for you:



Re-cycle: Findings from the Road – Indonesia


I was in Indonesia for five months and cycled quite a few kilometres, but I haven´t found much. It may be because most of the time I had to concentrate on the traffic and couldn´t look for things on the ground.

find indo-1

Australia – the next island


October 2014

Just under two hours is the flight over the sea of Timor, then, far below, the outlines of Australia appear. The plane is about to land, houses and streets are becoming visible, everything looks like it is a miniature toy world.


Timor – the divided island

de gb-gray
September/October 2014

It’s time for me to say goodbye to Indonesia. And soon to Asia.
Kupang is the major city and an important trade center in this part of Indonesia. I spend a while there, organize my visa for Timor-Leste and a few other things.