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Re-Cycle: Findings from the road


“The money is on the road,” they say and it’s true. As far as I can remember I’ve found in any country money , mostly coins or small amounts. But also other useful or beautiful things are between all the garbage on the roadside.

All stuff that I found

I remember well a huge wrench I had found in Bulgaria. Brand new but unfortunately too big for the screws on my bike and for weeks I have carried the heavy piece around with me before I found someone who could use it.

In Iraq I found two full packs of cigarettes (I was a smoker at that time) and one day in Iran every hundred meters I picked up a potato, which probably fell off a truck. As I had two kilos together it became too heavy and I stopped collecting.
A streak of luck I had in India as I found four times in one day a 10-rupee note and also the working umbrella in Nepal which I found during a heavy rain I can remember well.

In Laos I have now started for the first time to photograph and list the findings. In the 6 weeks there I found the following things:

1 Colorful Wool-Hat, now I ‘m just waiting for that it gets colder
2 10000 KIP
3 Sunglasses, was finally time, my old one is totally scratched
4 Black plastic comb, finally I can comb my beard
5 Marble
6 Small padlock with key
7 Yellow plastic gecko (not photographed because gave it away immediately)
8 A Cucumber
9 Toothbrush , already out of the package but new and unused
10 Plastic knife , but unfortunately only a poor substitute for my lost Opinel in India
11 5000 Laotian KIP
12 Piece of steel wool, I wanted to get some anyway to brush my pot
13 Lots of beautiful butterflies
14 10 Thai Baht
15 Practical metal clip