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Indonesia: Merapi – Mountain of Fire


Juni 2014

The vulcano Merapi (meru = mountain, api = fire) is one of the most dangerous and active vulcanos in the world. It is situated 35 km north of Yogyakarta and easy reachable for a small adventure. A friend of mine from the froghouse and I grab a tent, warm cloth, some food and water and make our way to Selo, a village situated at the foot of the mountain.

Merapi is covered in thick clouds when Shireen and I arrive by motorbike at the basecamp in the afternoon.


The soil here is very fertile, the path leads us through tobacco plantations and vegetable fields
After walking up for a few hours we are exhausted and pitch our tent for the night. In safe distance from the crater.
It gets really cold in the night. Fortunatly some other guys make a fire and invite us for some hot tea.
At sunrise we continue to the top. It is very foggy. On the left photo a measurement station from the vulcanologist department.
The landscape is rocky, formed by the last big erruption at 2010.
The last meter to the crater we have to climb, it is quite hard and a little bit dangerous
Other trekkers coming down already, in the background another vulcano.
The morning fog is mixed with sulfur fumes fron the vulcano, the visibility is not very good.
Merapi can explode without warning, at least smaller eruptions and emission from ash and stones is possible at every time.
At the crater at 3000 meter. Don´t fall in and go back down soon. The sulfid fumes make breathing hard.
The descent is easy. You can slide down on the debris and after a few minutes we are down again.
We celebrate the succsessfull ascent with a beer. It is seven in the morning. In the background the crater, we were at the top.
The rest of the descent is harder than the ascent. The path is washed out by rain and you have to use both hands to climb down the rocks.
But the view is nice and we can watch some wild monkeys.
Back in Selo, now we will return to Yogya.

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