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Indonesia: Vulcano Bromo

July 2014

The Bromo-Tenger-Semeru-Nationalpark is one of the famous sights in Java. In the nearby city of Malang are many tour agencys who can organize jeep trips to the vulcano. I decide to go by bicycle, store half of my lugagge at a friends place, organize a warm sleeping bag and go.


Hot and humid it is. And steep!

The nationalpark is only 60 km from Malang, but I have to climb 2000 meter.
It´s already dark when I reach the area and pitch my tent. Next morning I`m amazed by the view out of my tent.
It gets quite cold in the night, I was glad that I had a warm sleeping bag.
I have to cross the “Pasir Laut”, Sea of sand, to get to the crater.
Fortunatly I´m able to cycle most of the time. But sometimes there is no other way than pushing.
I see many people in jeeps and on motorbikes, but no other cyclists.
It is windy and the sand makes it difficult to see.
This is an old crater, not active anymore.
The second night I pitch my tent near a famous viewpoint, to get up early for the sunrise next morning.
I overslept, but that means that I have the viewpoint only for me. All the other sunrise watchers are long gone.
It is an epic panorama. In the background is Vulcano Semeru, the smoking one in the middle is bromo, surrounded by the sea of sand hidden in the morning fog.
Bromo crater and a hindu temple in the front. In this area lives a small hindu population.
sea of clouds at the crater rim. I go back down to Malang, almost 3000 meter lower. That is much more fun than the way up.