01. May – 27. September 2014

5000 km


From island to island

indonesia-mapIndonesia consists of almost 18.000 islands. Most of them are of course small and uninhabited but it´s still quite a big number. In a lifetime it is impossible to visit all of these islands. My plan is, however, to get to Sumatra first… continue reading

Up and Down in Sumatra


 To be on the road with a bicycle is not always nice and it is not always easy. Actually, every day is exhausting. I always notice my muscles and I´m tired in the evening. Unless it’s only downhill with a tailwind and on a good road with no traffic… continue reading

The police man who is too nice

police-3Actually, I don`t like policemen or soldiers or other persons of authority and, if possible, I try to stay away from them. I remember the encounter with the secret police in Iran or a situation in India, when a police officer tried to intimidate me and demanded money. And of course… continue reading


friends_small26For me it is difficult sometimes to establish new friendships. Too short are the encounters with people. Often only a few minutes or hours, at best an entire evening or a day or two. As a traveler you are more open to people and things, and conversations can get… continue reading

 Ramadan at Froghouse

ramadan_small13Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and the fasting month of Muslims. In the Koran is written that it is forbidden to consume food, drinks and cigarettes between sunrise and sunset. Sex and drunkenness are also prohibited… continue reading

Bike trip to Borobodur

boro_small1Together with Adrian, my warmshower host, I go on a cycle trip to the famous Borobodur temple. It is about 50 km away from Yogyakarta. We find a place to sleep…continue reading

Merapi – Mountain of Fire

merapi_small3The vulcano Merapi (meru = mountain, api = fire) is one of the most dangerous and active vulcanos in the world. It is situated 35 km north of Yogyakarta and easy reachable for a small adventure. A friend of mine from the froghouse… continue reading

Merbabu – Mountain of Ash

merbabu_small4 The vulcano Merbabu (meru=mountain, abu=ash) is the twin vulcano of Merapi, and just 10 km away. Unlike Merapi, Merbabu is not an active vulcano and not dangerous. Starting point for this adventure is again the village of Selo. But this time… continue reading

Impressions of Yogyakarta

yogya_small5Yogyakarta is known as the cultural center of the Island Java. It is a student city with several universitys. I show you here what I captured with my camera… continue reading

Gunung Kidul

gunungk_small11Gunung Kidul is a region southeast of Yogya. Good roads, less traffic and a lot of steep… continue reading

Island paradise Karimun Java

karimun_small1Karimun Jawa is a group of islands at the northcoast of Java. Shireen and I decide to stay there for a few days… continue reading

Vulcano Bromo


The Bromo-Tenger-Semeru-Nationalpark is one of the famous sights in Java. In the nearby city of Malang are many tour agencys who can organize jeep trips to the vulcano. I decide to go by bicycle…continue reading

Bali and Lombok

bali_small16Bali is considered by many people as a paradise – but these people usually haven´t been in other parts of Indonesia. For me, this touristy island is rather less… continue reading

Wedding Coffee at Sumbawa


The strong smell of fresh coffee is accompanied by the smell of deep fried snacks. It takes me just a few seconds to identify the house… continue reading

Flores – Under time pressure


I am stressed. In front of me are the mountains of Flores, they pile up at the coast, tall and green. Behind me lies a six-hour ride on a crowded and rocking ferry. I could get hold of only a small spot at the deck, overlooking the endless blue sea. But all this is not the reason for my stress… continue reading

The PELNI Experience


Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia is the name of the big national shipping company which operates about 30 vessels to connect the many island through various routes. The ships are often at sea for weeks, departure times varies and nobody seems to have an overview of all the routes. At least I could find out that there is a ship from Ende in Flores to Kupang in Timor every two weeks. Tickets are sold just a few days before departure and I buy one for the Economy Class… continue reading

Timor – the divided island


It’s time for me to say goodbye to Indonesia. And soon to Asia.
Kupang is the major city and an important trade center in this part of Indonesia. I spend a while there, organize my visa for Timor-Leste and a few other things…continue reading

Re-cycle: Findings from the road

find indo-1

   I was in Indonesia for five months and cycled quite a few kilometres, but I haven´t found much. It may be because most of the time I had to concentrate on the traffic and couldn´t look for things on the ground. continue reading


Volcanic dreams from Florian Schmale on Vimeo.


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